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The Sehvenn Global Business Group is a company specialized in Foreign Trade operations. With offices in Europe, Asia and South America, the Group offers its clients specialized service with transparency, efficiency and agility. With more than 15 years of experience, the Sehvenn Global Business Group acts in the import and export areas as logistics operator and in foreign trade advice, creating sustainable solutions for the viability of its business.


Provide efficient solutions in all stages of import and / or export, providing customs clearance services, national and international transportation, foreign trade and tax advice and customs and general storage, providing cost reduction and seeking the highest level of satisfaction of your customers.


Transparency, commitment and agility, essential factors for a good relationship in business.


Currently, the Group has highly qualified professionals to better serve its clients in offices located in several countries, such as:

• Brazil: São Paulo (SP), Itajaí (SC), Porto Velho (RO)
• Argentina: Buenos Aires
• Chile: Santiago
• Switzerland: Zurich
• Belgium: Antwerp
• Germany: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Bremerhaven
• France: Le Havre
• China: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou

Fairs and Events

The Sehvenn Global Business Group acts directly in exhibitions qualified services.



• Logistics / Road Transport
• Distribution
• Storage
• Heavy Equipment
• Equip. super sized


• Special Charges
• Air Transportation
• Freight Forwarding
• Customs Clearance


• National Insurance
• International Insurance
• Insurance of Services
• Private Insurance


• Exchange Broker
• Fairs and Events
• Foreign Trade Advisory
• Legal Support



Contact the Sehvenn Global Business Group

Phone. 55 (11) 4325-2882

Avenida Mofarrej 348 / 13 andar, Conjunto 1308 – Vila Leopoldina,
São Paulo – SP / Brazil, ZIP Code: 05311-000

Alameda dos Cravos 61 / Quadra 08 - Park Vista Alegre
Bauru - SP / Brazil, ZIP Code: 17020-016

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